Aligning our 2019 budget with priorities

In the summer of 2019, Tom Morgan, an at-large member of the Cabinet, invited the congregation to participate in active discussions intended to explore ideas related to aligning our 2019 operating budget with the stated priorities and recommendations that came out of the 2017 Strategy and Visioning Team's readout.

A note from Tom Morgan, August 14, 2018

At my invitation as an at-large member of the Cabinet, self-selected members of the congregation recently attended two meetings. 

Each meeting had two goals: 

  1. Identifying a small number of initiatives from the 2017 report of the Strategy and Visioning Team for emphasis in the church's 2019 plans and the corresponding annual budget; 
  2. Offering specific ideas on actions the church could take in line with that set of initiatives.


In all, 68 ideas came from the meetings. By intent, the meetings employed different methods for prioritizing the initiatives and capturing the related ideas. However, taken together, those at the meetings felt strongest about initiatives related to:

  • Providing a varied worship experience for the congregation
  • Aligning church spending and resource allocation with current priorities
  • Increasing the Westborough community focus of our missions activities
  • Increasing the amount and reach of communication about our identity as this church and our missions work
  • Broadening the set of members the congregation who are active in the workings of the church.

For the full report, please click here to download.