Faith formation

Faith Formation begins at preschool and continues through high school. 

Our curriculum is designed to teach children and youth to understand the Bible

and discover how to apply it to our world, our lives, and our daily choices.


Our Faith Formation program isn't just entertaining and fun! As a community of faith in action, we teach our children to learn and serve as 'the hands and feet of God' together in the world.

As we consider how our growing faith impacts our community, we have been led by the Holy Spirit far outside our region on regular mission trips around the country and the world.


Just to name a few...

This past year, the our Faith Formation project was to build a 15 foot sailboat that was raffled off to fund the youth group mission trip. 

After a year of organizing fundraisers, students of the Faith Formation program traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to volunteer with Hands Across the Sea, to promote world literacy. 

The children run the annual "Great Pie Challenge" to benefit the homeless, veterans and elderly in our community.


The core of our Faith Formation curriculum is learning how to discover God's love, spirit, compassion and power within ourselves.

Throughout the year, our Faith Formation students spend time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Hands Across the Sea, Souper Bowl of Caring, Wounded Warrior Project, and - just to name a few!