our ministry team

Welcome! Every Sunday, we resoundingly proclaim that we are a community of OPEN DOORS and GROWING FAITH. 

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!

"The gifts God gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for work of ministry..." Ephesians 4:11-12


  • Pastor Paul Sangree  

    Senior Pastor

    I have a passion for the local church as a welcoming place where people’s lives can be touched and transformed by the power of a living God. I know that some people see the church as boring, but not me! It is my prayer that the Congregational Church of Westborough will be a place where you (and your family) can be at home, where we can help you (and your family) grow in your faith, where you can discover more joy and peace and hope and build a solid foundation for your life.

  • Reverend Elaine Gaetani  

    Pastor of Spiritual Development

    Serving as the Associate Pastor since Thanksgiving 2005, I am especially interested in helping people develop their faith life, deepen their spiritual life and to also call forth the God-given gifts of each person. With a background in teaching, pastoral counseling, spirituality, retreat leadership and direction it is deeply satisfying to watch God’s people grow in wholeness, faith and service through the Holy Spirit. We offer adult education, small group ministries, retreats and mission that seek to do just this. Come and see that God is so Good!

  • Wendy Reardon   

    Director of Children's and Youth Ministries

    I believe that all people have God’s love, spirit, compassion and power within themselves. A light that we each carry. That light needs to be discovered and nurtured, fueled and exercised! That is what I believe Christian education is, an opportunity to discover who you are and why you are. Sunday morning Faith Formation classes and Youth Groups meetings are opportunities to learn and grow in our faith and most importantly to act upon our beliefs and passions, empowering our youth to transform the world, making it the place God intended.

  • Clayton Heidbreder  

    Minister of Music

    From a young age, I've always found my faith best through music. I believe that music employed in congregational worship is an important way to both bring praise to God, and to spiritually enrich those who sing, play, or listen. After attending St. Olaf College in Minnesota, and receiving my Bachelor of Music in Church Music, I was called here to serve as your new Minister of Music. The Congregational Church of Westborough has been nothing but friendly and welcoming, and it is my hope that many others will join this wonderful church community!

  • Sue Menzel  

    Director of Bell Choirs

    When I moved to Westboro in 1977, I was looking to reconnect with a Congregational church. From my first visit I have felt welcomed and accepted as a child of God. Over the years I have been involved in the musical life of the church through singing and directing all ages of Handbell choirs. In addition I have enjoyed many of the opportunities offered, such as a variety of committees, retreats, bookstudies and social events. To paraphrase one my favorite sayings, "A week without Sunday Worship is like a week without the light of Jesus".

  • Linda Hartley  

    Pastoral Associate

    After two years as the field education student here at the Congregational Church of Westborough, I am blessed to be back this year as a Pastoral Associate. Sharing in worship and in community here, I continually feel the support and love of our congregation as I travel along my journey to ordained ministry. I am truly blessed to be part of such a supportive and joy-filled community here at our church.

  • Pete Graham  


    In 2013, my family found our church home at The Congregational Church of Westborough. It was immediately obvious to us that this church sincerely lives its mission of being a welcoming community. It was in this nurturing environment of loving friendships and spiritual growth that I heard and accepted my call into ministry, a decision that I had wrestled with for some time. I am now currently enrolled at Andover Newton Theological School and plan to seek ordination through the United Church of Christ. My family and I are so grateful to our church family for their encouragement, prayer, and support. 

Our commitment to being followers of Jesus' path and caring for our community, our children and our world 

has created a special, welcoming church experience.

As we enter our third century of faith and service to the greater Westborough, Hopkinton, Grafton and MetroWest area, we are excited by all the growth and energy we see every day, and we invite you to experience it for yourself.  

There's always something happening here - call us, email us, or connect online - we would love to meet you!